The Creative Adventure

A podcast dedicated to creativity and self-expression

A podcast dedicated to creativity and self-expression


In conversation with the world's creators and changemakers

The Creative Adventure is a podcast exploring individuality and creativity. We chat with guests as they share their unique journeys, exploring what they've learned about being creative and becoming fully themselves.

We talk with actors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, artists and many others, from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, hearing about their first creative steps, what creativity means to them, and how life is an amazing adventure to be wholly lived and experienced.

Recent Episode

Frances Madden on how every magic moment begins with a leap of faith

Unique paths, authentic conversations

A few words from our guests:

"Think back to what you loved as a child, and that should be your focus for what to do now."

Tom Shone - Former Sunday Times Film Critic

"Don't mess around with a business plan or a website. Just start doing the thing you want your business to actually do."

John Spencer Williams - Author of F*** Work Let's Play

Following the road to becoming fully yourself..

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"Every block of stone has a statue inside, it is the task of the sculptor to discover it." Michaelangelo

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